Mappedin for Shopping Centres.

Mappedin is making the indoors discoverable across 500+ million square feet of premium retail space, giving property owners the ability to digitise, maintain and disperse spatial data, resulting in a best-in-class wayfinding experience for shoppers.

Digital Directory Kiosk & Responsive Web App for a seamless navigation experience.

Our Digital Directory product allows users to zoom, rotate, and explore the map through touch interactions. Our directory solution is pre-built with categories, amenities, and robust search functionality.

Our Web App is pre-built and easily embedded into any web experience. The robust mapping solution is responsive to both desktop and mobile and continues to evolve as new features are added.

Less stress, more success…

We offer a fully managed service, from designing and building your custom designed kiosk and installation on-site for our Digital Directory Kiosk product. For our Responsive Web App, we can integrate into your current website with the assistance of your web designers, or we can build a brand new state of the art website to house your new maps. We will handle all the logistics from start to finish. All we require from you is CAD drawings of your building. It’s as simple as that…

Re-Inventing Retail

Mappedin powers search and discovery indoors. The software platform provides industry leading tools for asset managers and retailers to manage their dynamic indoor information and build digital wayfinding experiences into their customer-facing applications.

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Real-Time Positioning

Users can now enjoy the familiar blue dot experience and turn-by-turn navigation on their mobile phones for indoor venues. Available on devices running Mappedin Web, users can see their location within the venue and watch their position update as they navigate the space. In addition to this Mappedin’s Mobile Pass allows users to send directions from the Digital Directory to their mobile phones through text or QR code.

Smart Search

Mappedin Smart Search is a living feature that continues to get better over time. Search for a category, amenity, location, or brand to see results for that venue – Smart Search even catches spelling mistakes.

All Devices Covered in One Seamless System

Mappedin works across all digital devices. Customers can browse your shopping centre layout at home on their computer, at work on their laptop, in-store on your digital directory kiosk and on the move via their mobile device. We also offer the ability to transfer directions found on a digital directory kiosk to a mobile device via Kipsu, ensuring shoppers make it to their destination seamlessly.

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Transforming Navigation with Digital Mapping Systems and Kiosks

Our advanced systems and digital kiosks revolutionise navigation in shopping centres, offering interactive, intuitive, and visually engaging maps.

Empower your visitors to effortlessly find their way, discover new stores, and stay updated on events and promotions. Our solutions enhance the shopping experience and provide valuable insights to property managers and retailers.

Tailored to the retail sector, our mapping systems improve customer satisfaction, boost internal efficiencies, and unlock marketing opportunities. Elevate your property’s digital presence with Lunar Media’s innovative mapping solutions.

Our digital wayfinders at work…

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